"Don't play through  the pain to attain a higher level of performance. ProformaVision's feedback is immediate and unbiased for even the most complex playing problems."

Gabriel Schaff, violinist and author

What is sEMG?

SEMG measures the amount of electrical activity your muscles release when they are contracting. It is similar in function to an EKG.  

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How does ProformaVision work?

Physiologic monitoring using sEMG helps individuals identify poor body alignment and technical approaches to their instruments that increase the risk of injury. Even those with a good technique often play with high levels of tension...

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Who is using ProformaVision?

Performers in the New York Philharmonic, professors at Juilliard and professional performers alike are taking a look at ProformaVision.

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ProformaVision gives golf a swing
Dr John
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Kathleen Riley, Ph.D. is known nationally as a lecturer and clinician on biofeedback as an aid for musicians. She has developed a new biofeedback approach to rehabilitating playing technique. To find out more or schedule a training contact Dr. Riley directly.

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